Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yes To God

Hi friends,

Need some encouragement today? Click here on this link.

You'll go to Lysa TerKeurst's website where you can watch the webcast, "Yes to God". It aired on Tuesday, however, it's available to watch on demand thru 11pm CST tonight. Lysa TerKeurst and Anne Voskamp both share their thoughts and insights to encourage us in our daily walk with the Lord and in saying "Yes to God". Lysa has written a book entitled, "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God?". Anne has also written a book entitled, "One Thousand Gifts".

On a personal note...I almost missed it. I was thinking...I've heard it all before...what more could be said that I haven't heard...I just don't have the time being at work, etc.

I listened to that still small voice...and...said... Yes, to God.

God is faithful. When we say "yes", He fills us. Encouragement. Refreshing joy. Confidence. Freedom.

Say "yes" to Him. Enjoy! Love, Jodie