Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BIG Step! Smile & say "cheese"...

My first "official" picture post. I'm not digital savvy yet - just getting used to my camera. I've taken some great pictures and will have lots to post - just got to figure out how to load them to the computer. I will be on a roll then.

This is Tina (on the right). Don't we look cute? You can access Tina's blog at She hosts a monthly scrapbooking crop called "Faithbooking" (another passion of mine) which is how I met her. I thoroughly enjoy the Faithbooking crops. We are learning to do more with our pictures than slap them in a book - we are learning to journal the thoughts and ideas which capture those "Kodak moments". By journaling in the albums, legacies are left for our families. Tina has an awesome testimony and I love her enthusiasm, creativity, humor, and the insight she brings to God's word. She is also building her photography skills - she's taken some great pictures, experimenting with different angles and lighting, etc. I was visiting with her on Sunday and asked her to take a few pictures of me in my car for my post and she also took this one.

I'm going to do some fiddling with the camera. Until tomorrow...



Tina Vega said...

Hey Jodie - Thanks for the link!!! I look forward to soaking it in.

Congratulations on stepping out into the blogging zone; you belong here!!!!!!!

Gloria said...

Thank's for including me on your blog list, Jodie. By the way, tonight I did the thing I was telling you I wanted to do. We'll see how it goes and I will keep you posted on my success!

LOve, Gloria

Jodie said...

Tina - thank you sooo much for your encouragement! It does seem like the "right" place to be. Please feel free to pass on the link to others.

Gloria - I am happy to have you along for the journey! Congratulations on "stepping out" to do the "thing" you've been wanting to do. Dream big and keep your eye on the prize - success is just one step at a time.

Love, Jodie