Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Stepping Out" - Happy 1st Month Blog Anniversary!

Wow, how time does fly! It's already been one month since I published my 1st blog post and I haven't posted since. I was really excited to get my blog out there into "blog land" and then got cold feet and somewhat of a "writers block". I have to admit that I've been somewhat intimated by the thought of others reading my thoughts and also started comparing my blog site to others - their sites are more pretty, picturesque, etc.

Well, God is so good to a person who is directionally impaired at times.

I was reading one of the posts (July 27th) on Tina's blog, http://www.tinavega.blogspot.com/,
where she was talking about being more than just a "godly wallflower". That in spite of our fears & discomfort, to actually trust the Lord and follow through in what He's directing you to do. He will lead & guide as you "step out" in faith from your comfort zone. She ended with this scripture in Exodus 4:12 - The Lord said to Moses, "Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say." This scripture spoke volumes to me. In sharing more of my "writers block" with Tina last Sunday, I was able to talk through some of my fears and what she basically shared with me is that we are all unique and our styles are different. Being different, what I have to say will minister to someone in a unique way from what another person would say. The thing to remember is the "why" to your blog. Why am I blogging... to share and, hopefully, encourage others on in their faith. I just need to be faithful to ask the Lord what is on His heart to share, to put my fingers to the keyboard, and He will fill the words.

Ok, so today I'm reading a few of my favorite blogs and I come to KelliGirl's, http://awesomegodordinarygirl.blogspot.com/, post and am blown away because God is, again, leading (telling) me to "step out". She talks about her writing procrastination and choosing to dedicate her writing to God. She captured a statement from another writer's blog which got my attention, that even though the road as a writer can be difficult, if we have a God-given talent to write, we must use it. We have no choice. God demands nothing less. She referenced Matthew 25 where Jesus teaches his disciples about the parable of the talents.

Yes, God, you now have my full attention!

I have been given this wonderful gift of writing. Not everyone can put down in words what is in their heart (or their head). By not using my gift, I am not "being" all of who God created me to be.

What are your gifts and talents? My dad's favorite discussion topic is discovering what your gifts and talents are that you've been given - they are what comes natural to you. Sometimes they're buried under a lot of "junk", but they are there. When God created us, he put a treasure of talents within. You have a special gift - listen to what the Lord is saying, "step out" and trust.

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."


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